Italian Style Gelato

Although 'Gelato' is the Italian word for ice-cream, the two are actually quite different. Gelato is soft and deliciously smooth with little or no air, giving it a scrumptious creamy texture. It's made with milk, rather than cream, which means it contains less fat and calories than conventional ice-cream. The process of making Gelato is also a little different, with the churning process being much slower than ice-cream. It also has a beautiful intense flavour, making each mouthful as wonderful as the last.


At Swirlz, Pocklington, all our Gelato is homemade with love in our parlour on the Marketplace. We always have a vast array of flavours available, so come on in and try something new!



We take pride in the huge variety of flavours that we create at Swirlz. Our flavours range from traditional favourites like Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, to Mint Choc Chip and Rum & Raisin - to more inventive flavours like Skittles, Jammie Dodger, Salted Caramel and Ferrero Roche, to name but a few! Not all our flavours are available at the same time - so pop in and see what's on offer.


We also make seasonal flavours - including our Christmas creations: Mince Pie, Christmas Pudding, Gingerbread and Mulled Wine Sorbet.


Diabetic varieties are also available, including Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, along with Lactose Free.

Cones and Tubs...


We have an amazing choice of cones all made in the UK by our Italian manufacturers, Antonellis. We have Monkey cones for the kids, standard wafer cones, waffle cones, chocolate waffle, honeycomb waffle, sprinkle waffle, popping candy waffle, tropical sherbet, candyfloss sherbet, tri colour sherbet, large waffle, large chocolate waffle and twin wafer cones.


If you fancy yours in a tub, we have different sized tubs from 1 scoop to 3 or 4 scoops, whichever tickles your fancy, or if you are feeling adventurous, we offer our take home tub, where you can choose any 6 scoops to put into our special polystyrene tubs for your freezer.



You can choose a milkshake from any of our gelato flavours that are displayed on the day, or from our Milkshake Station, which is a blend of milk, our creamy white vanilla and a chocolate bar or sweets from our milkshake station.





We offer a wide range of slush flavours all year round, to our natural base flavour, you can add any of the following to make your perfect slush, Cola, Grape Soda, Blackcurrant, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Pink Bubblegum, Orange, Mango, Peach, Pineapple, Passionfruit, or Lemon & Lime.





We have 5 lovely smoothies for you to choose from, mixed with tropical juice, you can have Strawberry Delight, Cranberry Squeeze, Pineapple Surprise, Raspberry Dream or Blueberry Bliss.



Hot Belgian Waffles


Why not try one of our delicious Belgian Waffles, you have the choice of Sweet, Cinnamon or Belgian Chocolate, all superb with gelato, cream or on their own, you decide.


We look forward to seeing you soon!